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1,700 prisoners die of Corona in U.S.

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Staff Reporter: A total of 1,700 people have died of corona virus in federal and state prisons in the United States. 2 lakh 75 thousand prisoners have been attacked. Twenty percent of the detainees were diagnosed with corona virus. In several states, half of the prisoners are infected. There is no way to stop the spread of the virus inside the prison. At present, the detection rate in prisons has exceeded the number in April and August.
Homer Venters, a former chief medical officer at New York’s Rykers Island prison complex, described the numbers as “huge” rather than statistical. He has visited several prisons across the country under the direction of the court.
“I’m still going to jail,” he said. When people get sick there, they are not being examined or even taken care of. As a result, they are getting much sicker. ‘
Half of the inmates at Kansas Prison have been infected with corona. This number is eight times the total affected population of the state. So far 11 prisoners have died there.
The Corona epidemic lasted ten months in December and vaccination activities began after a long wait in America. It is difficult for politicians and policy makers to decide on vaccine activities.
But at the moment the virus is spreading inside the prison without any hindrance. Prisoners are unable to maintain social distance. Their security depends on the decision of the state.
Prisons are always overcrowded and have poor ventilation. Dormitory accommodation, quarantine inside is impossible due to the room without cafeteria doors. Prisoner mortality rates are 45 percent higher than in the United States.


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