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Bangladeshi comes under fresh attack in New York

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: A Bangladeshi has been attacked again by black miscreants in New York, USA. Last Friday (January 1) this year, after beating a Bangladeshi youth named Abdur Rahman in Brooklyn, New York, a black miscreant snatched his belongings and fled. Four days after the incident, the police could not be able to arrest the miscreant.
It is known that a black man came to the house and parked his car at 524 Pine Street in Brooklyn that day and got into an argument with him. The black man was urged to move the parked car elsewhere. At one point the fight started. The car was not parked in front of his home. It was a regular parking lot on the side of the road. The black man disobeyed the villain and started beating him. Rahman’s black marks fell on the corners of his eyes. The bone of the right eye is broken. The car glass is broken. When Rahman fell to the ground unconscious, the miscreant fled with his wallet and phone. When someone called the police, they rushed him to a local Jamaican hospital. In this regard, there has been a case in 75 precinct. Docket No. 202107531. Detective Ben Manen is reportedly investigating the case.
Meanwhile, Bangladeshi Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad was attacked by a black miscreant in Jackson Heights, New York on the morning of December 5. After about 9 days of treatment, he returned to his home and told his neighbors and relatives about the attack. None of the expatriates knew about this incident. Police rescued him from the spot and admitted him to the hospital.
That morning, Azad was parking his car at 60th Street, 32nd Avenue in Jackson Heights. At this time another car pushed from behind his car. He got out of the car and saw if the car was damaged. At that time, a black miscreant came out of the car and threw something sharp in his face. If he was seriously injured as a result of random beatings. This broke 5 ribs of his chest. Police, with the help of people from the house next door, rescued him in a bloody condition and admitted him to Elmhurst Hospital.


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