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When I die ‘Delaware’ will be written in my heart: Biden

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Staff Reporter: “When I die, Delaware will be written in my heart,” said Joe Biden, Incoming 46th president of the United States, in a tearful voice. The Democrat made an emotional speech in Newcastle, Delaware, on Tuesday (January 19th) before heading to Washington DC. His remarks have touched the hearts of thousands of Delaware residents. “I will always be known as a proud child of the state of Delaware,” said Biden age 78.
Biden wiped away tears twice as he spoke. He recalls his childhood memories around Delaware, his politics, growing up. The late son also remembers Beau Biden. That said, when I die, Delaware will be written in my heart. In a tearful voice, Biden recalled the depth of his relationship with the people of Delaware. He also remembers his son who died of cancer.
In a speech delivered at Delaware’s national headquarters, Joe Biden apologized for his emotions. Recalling his late son Beau Biden, Biden said the idea was for Beau to become president one day. “When I die, this state of Delaware will be written in my heart,” Biden said in a tearful voice.
Referring to the death of his son, Attorney General Beau Biden in 2015, Joe Biden said, “My only grief today is that Beau Biden might have been seen as President today if he had survived. After all, the state of Delaware has shown that everything is possible. ‘Biden said that the state of Delaware will be written in my heart when I die.
“This state has given us a lot,” Biden said in a brief speech. The state of Delaware has given my parents the opportunity to stay when they need it most. ‘
He added, ‘This state has given me a chance to have confidence in myself. Sent me to the Senate to represent the state. This state has given me the opportunity to find Jill Biden (current wife). This state has shown love to my son Beau. ‘Many of the supporters present there were in tears during Joe Biden’s speech.


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