Biden’s monthly salary is 33,333 Dollars

BanglaPress Desk
January 22, 2021

Staff Reporter: Monthly salary of newly elected President of United States Joe Biden has been fixed. He will receive a monthly salary of 33,333 Dollars up from 400,000 Dollars (4 lakh taka) a year. Under U.S. law, a president is paid a certain amount of money while in office. Article 3 of the US Code states that a president will receive a salary of 400,000 a year (more than 3 crore 90 lakh taka a year). Biden is going to receive a salary on the same scale. The monthly amount stands at 33,333.33 dollars
In addition, a US president receives 50,000 dollars (more than 4 lakh taka) as incidental expenses, 1,00000 dollars (about 85 lakh taka) for travel and $19,000 (more than 16 lakh taka) per year as entertainment allowance.
Even after leaving office, US presidents receive a fixed amount of salary from government funds. Some benefits like round-the-clock security, health insurance continue. However, there is no separate allocation for the decoration of the President and his family. If a designer wants to give a gift of clothing, there are usually no rules for accepting it. Even if the president accepts the gift, it must be deposited in the National Museum once it is worn.