Four Bangladeshis running for city council election in New York

BanglaPress Desk
January 24, 2021

Staff Reporter: Four Bangladeshis are vying for the post of councilor in the New York City District-24 City Council elections to be held on February 2. Out of four Bangladeshi-American candidates, only two got matching funds. Other two candidates are frustrated as they have not received matching funds yet.
Dilip Nath, Soma Saeed, Mujib Rahman and Moumita Ahmed are the Bangladeshi candidates contesting the New York City District-24 City Council elections on February 2.
Among these four candidates, various speculations are going on about who the Bangladeshi-American voters will vote for.
Eight candidates are campaigning at their convenience. A few corona are also on the field. Someone is running the campaign sitting at home. Voting has already begun through the Absentee ballot. Early voting is starting from January 23. The impersonation vote will take place on February 2.
Already five of the eight candidates in the first round have received matching funds. The other three have not yet received matching funds. Of the remaining three, two are Bengalis. They have not received matching funds yet, but they are hoping to get funding very soon. Among those who have already received matching funds for the election in District-24 are James F. Genario, Soma Sayeed, Dilip Nath, Nita Jane and Dipti Sharma. The two Bagladeshi’s who did not get it were Moumita Ahmed and Mujib U Rahman. There are rumors from different quarters about not getting their matching funds. Some say there are irregularities. The New York City Campaign Financial Board (CFB) has released it. There is also talk of that.
The two Bangladeshi-Americans receiving matching funds are Attorney Soma Sayeed and Dilip Nath. Moumita Ahmed and Mujib U Rahman, two Bangladeshi candidates who did not get matching funds, said they would get matching funds very soon.
According to a source, Soma Sayeed received a matching fund of 142,000 dollars in the first step. Now he is campaigning more widely. It is learned that Dilip Nath’s massive campaign is also going on.