Anthony Blinken new Secretary of State of USA

BanglaPress Desk
January 28, 2021

Staff Reporter: Anthony Blinken has been named Secretary of State for the United States. The Senate confirmed his appointment to the administration of new President Joe Biden on Tuesday.
Blinken is known to be a very close and trusted person to Biden. Some also call him the ‘guardian of the global alliance’. Many close to him have also described him as a ‘diplomat of diplomats’.
Blinken, 58, has previously served as Assistant Secretary of State and Assistant National Security Adviser to the Obama administration. Incidentally, Joe Biden was vice president for two terms in the Barack Obama administration. After a brief stint in law, Blinken entered Democrat politics in the late 1980s.
A graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Law School and a longtime Democrat associated with foreign policy, Blinken’s view is that Washington must take an active leadership role in the world, or the United States must witness a world run by rival nations like China.
As a result, Blinken is expected to focus on increasing US influence around the world after taking office. He may also prioritize maintaining relations with allied countries.