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9 crore 90 lakh well done after Corona virus infected in World

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Staff Reporter: 9 crore 90 lakh 27 thousand 110 people well done after Corona virus infected in World. So far, the total number of total affected world around is 12 crore 28 lakh 69 thousand 331. Of these, 27 lakh 12 thousand 628 people died. The international survey agency World o meters said at 8 pm local time on Friday. On the website of the organization, the Corona virus has been infected with 219 countries and regions of the world so far in global epidemic.
In December 2019, corona virus spread from Wuhan, capital of Hubei province of China. At one point, the origin of the virus in China decreases the prevalence of the virus, but its incidence of other countries of the world began to grow. World Health Organization (WHO) announced the epidemic across the world on 11 March in the context of the incidence of corona virus in China. However, hope is that now after the attack, the rate of recovery is increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, more than one vaccine of corona has also been discovered.
According to World o meters’ information, the number of most affected and dead in the United States. There are 3 crore 4 lakh 24 thousand 882. Death has been 5 lakh 54 thousand 98 people.
Brazil is in second place as a victim. The total number of total infected groups in the country is 1 crore 18 lakh 77 thousand 9. Of these, two lakh 90 thousand 525 people died. The number of cases in India is one crore 15 lakh 54 thousand 895. Of these, one lakh 59 thousand 594 people died.
The number of affected in Bangladesh is five lakh 66 thousand 838. Of these, eight thousand 642 people died. The origin of China is 90 thousand 83. Of these, four thousand 636 people died. Although the country is accused of concealing the real situation against the country. A voluntary volunteer of Uhat said, ‘Any person with intellectuals will express doubt about this number (government statistics).’
From the beginning of the epidemic, the United States was claiming that China’s role in spreading corona virus. Trump administration is more strongly stronger than China’s Urologist Lee Meng Yan’s statement. Li Meng Yan said that China’s Labor has been created in corona virus. It has 100 percent evidence to create people.
Born in Hong Kong, Virologist Lee Meng Yan fled to the United States. He fled to the US mulu fearing that China wanted to kill.
Meanwhile, China has refused to supply the World Health Organization (WHO) investigation team in the beginning of the corona virus identification. The information is presented in detail in the form of essence. How to do through this, the epidemic started, the efforts to know what the source of it has happened to be interrupted.


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