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USA not thinking of launching ‘vaccine passport’

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter : The United States will not start ‘vaccine passport’ right now. Local time on Tuesday (April 6) The White House canceled such a proposal that the government would not make such a decision that the American could be leaked in personal information. However, non-governmental organizations can investigate this plan. The White House authorities commented that the citizens should protect privacy and rights.
In this regard, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the government did not allow any documents to carry out a document. No federal database related to vaccine. US citizens are very sensitive to privacy, security and discrimination of personal information. Keeping in mind the government, publish some guidelines for non-governmental organizations.
He also said that there will be no obligations to carry any vaccine documents for the central vaccination database or centrally. The government will not support any rules in the future where Americans will carry a certificate. Our purpose from the central government is very common, and it is to protect Americans’ privacy and rights, so that such rules will not be used unfairly.
‘Vaccination Passport’ is basically a digital health pass. Which matches some special apps. Do not have all the details of infections and tickers in this app. That means, whether you have been infected, if you have vaccinated, how long it took it. All such information will be in this app. The information will be created with ‘vaccine passport’.


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