All adults in USA will be vaccinated from April 19

BanglaPress Desk
April 8, 2021

Staff Reporter : US President Joe Biden announced that all 18 years old will be considered to be vaccinated from April 19 in the United States. All adults in the United States can take the vaccine of Cavid-19 in the next two weeks. The major number of infections and death record holder in the world are currently in the world in the world.
In a speech given from the White House, Biden said on Tuesday that all over 18 years of age will be considered to be vaccinated on April 19. Earlier this deadline was on May 1.
In the speech given to the nation, Biden also said that our immunization program is going on very strong. Vaccine power rules we’re easy.
He said that we were able to vaccinate the first 15 crore people in the world. Besides, 60 crore 20 lakh people have been given two doses. Biden’s April 19th means that the age, health and other conditions will be lifted for those who want to get vaccinations.
Meanwhile, if the progress of the California vaccine that is considered as a US economic center, it will open everything by June 15. Governor of the state Gavin Newsom said this. Two crore people have been vaccinated in this state’s most populous state.