I am forced to leave the country with unfinished work: S K Sinha

BanglaPress Desk
June 6, 2018


New York Correspondent: Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha said that he was forced to leave the country without leaving unfinished work. He said that he left the country due to a difficult situation. He said these things during the visit of Loknath Society Pujamand in Queens in New York last Saturday.
Former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said that he has tried hard to solve the legal problems that exist between the Hindu community. But unfortunately, the unfinished work has been forced to leave the country three times. When he will return to the country, he did not give any correct answer to such questions.
After leaving the country, he has lived in New Jersey for more than six months. After leaving the country, he first spoke in a public meeting.
SK Sinha said that there was a lot of complexity in the British Act since the British Act. With the exception of being a judge, we tried to bring reforms under the Hindu law. But it was not possible for the Muslim judges to do it in non-cooperation. Because they do not want to be Muslim in the main country. At last, I had to be forced to leave my unfinished job.
He also said that Hindus are not united. Someone does not believe in leadership. Apart from this there is no self-interest in their religion. As a result, our children can not know anything about Hindu religion.
The former justice said, in New Jersey, there were four abandoned churches in the mosque where Muslims performed religious work at the mosque. This is their belief and self-sacrifice
Have been due to Their children are learning Quran there on Saturdays and Sundays. But we’re not doing anything for our children. He called for working together to unite everyone by forgetting the division of Hindu religion.