Most expatriate parents in the United States do not want to send their children to school because of the epidemic

BanglaPress Desk
September 1, 2020

Staff Reporter: Most expatriate parents in the United States do not want to send their children to school because of the epidemic. From the first week of this month, the governments of 50 states in the United States have decided to open schools simultaneously. Therefore, the local city administration is also making various preparations to open the school. Expatriate Bangladeshis are reportedly reluctant to send their children to school in the Coronavirus situation. Bangladeshis living in the United States do not want to send their children to school right now for the sake of their children’s health. The Board of Education has announced the opening of all schools in various states, including New York, in the first week of September.
Even though the classes in the city schools, which have been closed continuously since last March, have been conducting ‘remote learning’ system, the students are suffering from it. They are also being harmed physically and mentally. As a result, the Board of Education has decided to open the school subject to conditions. However, at this time, there is a mixed reaction in all quarters, including the school teachers and parents, about not opening the school. According to the proposal of the city administration, there is talk of opening schools three days or one day in a row or in any other way. But health care will be paramount. It is being said that if the schools are opened, all preparations will be made to protect the health of the students. If a student is ill, necessary steps will be taken immediately. Students will be checked up every day. The school will have the necessary nurses. Moreover, there will be no obligation to send or not to send children to school. Parents are not getting relief even after so many steps taken by the city administration. Talking to many peoples in the Bangladeshis community, it is learned that most parents are not willing to send their children to school now.
‘My child will be in sixth grade from September’, said Mahamuda Khatun, who lives in Jamaica. But when Corona remembers the situation, she is shocked. So I don’t want to send my child to school in the current situation. “I hope corona will send the child to school if the situation improves further,” he said.
Mahabuba Khatun, who lives in Richmond Hill, said Corona is afraid to send her children to school in the situation. My eldest daughter is going to sixth grade, and my youngest daughter is going to second grade.
Rafiqul Islam, who lives in Brooklyn, said his son would go to fifth grade. He said he was hesitant to send his child to school and said he could not think what to do. His question is what is education without school? I was scared thinking about Corona again. He said, “I will take a decision after considering the situation after opening Swal.”
Didar Chowdhury, a journalist living in Parkchester, Bronx, said his eldest daughter would go to seventh grade. She wants to go to school. We decided to send him to school. However, even if the youngest daughter is supposed to go to first grade, I will not send her to school.