Farhan plans to kill everyone ‘Feeling mind dead’

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April 6, 2021

Staff Reporter: Farhan Towhid was the main planner of two brothers’ suicide after the tragic killing of a family of Bangladeshi in the city of Dallas in the city of Texas in the United States. Farhan Towhid has been known for a long time to die or depression in his family and local Bangladeshi sources.
Texas local time on Monday (April 5) in the morning, after killing his mother Irene and fatherTouhidul Islam, their grandmother and only sister, himself also committed suicide. After the incident, police recovered 6 dead bodies from the apartment.
The main point of this incident reviewed the status of Facebook Tawhid’s Facebook Sergeant John Feli, said that there was probably such atrocities last Saturday. This situation has been focused on one of the 19-year-old. According to police, ‘suicide context’ there is a description of frustration.
But locals said that for some reason, two sons in Tawhidul Islam were suffering from dying or depression. In that note of suicide, Farhan mentioned that in 2016, he was suffering from depression in the ninth grade, doctors said. For this, he repeatedly dropped the exam. Today he spent his own body twice. Very pain He remembered that on 22 August 2017, he cut off his own body with a sharp weapon like a glass. He felt how unbearable pain Then almost the day with the kitchen knife in the body. He found the way to reduce the sadness of depression. In this situation, his close friends left him. In such a frustration, he was admitted to the Computer Science Department in the University of Austin. Then he think that life has emerged the right track. In reality it did not happen. He was scared of depreciation and again he went to bed in bed and weeping crying. Looking for comfort, he was healed. Normal just like others. But it never seemed to be true. At one stage, he wrote, if committed suicide, then the whole family will suffer throughout the whole life. He does not want it. That’s why he dismissed the brother in the final decision of the family. Two business goes to buy guns. He will kill the child and grandmother. And his brother will do parents. Then both of them decided to commit suicide. There will be no one to suffer.

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In the eve of suicide, he also mentions that the issue of gun purchase is very easy. His brother went to the shop. He said that there is a need for safety of home. The shopkeeper handed a few forms to the brother there. Then it gets in the hands of the desired thing, with which the mother Irene and father Touhidul Islam, grandmather and only sister to kill their own sufferings and family sufferers and only sisters themselves to kill their suicide.
It is known that Touhidul Islam’s house is in Dharar Para in Pabna district. He is known to the Haider family (Zia Haider and Rashid Haider) of his relative.