US expatriate Dr Hafiz couple cooperate to sent vaccines in Bangladesh

BanglaPress Desk
July 20, 2021

Staff Reporter : Expatriate Bangladeshi physician Professor Dr. Chowdhury Hafiz Ahsan couple with the help of it has been possible to send 25 lakh doses of modern vaccine to Bangladesh. While the expatriate Bangladeshis were suffering due to the increase in the prevalence of corona virus in the country is helping to arrange the vaccine for Bangladesh out of love for their country. Dr. Chowdhury Hafiz Ahsan and his wife Dr. Selina Parveen.
Hafiz Ahsan was a student of K-37 batch of Dhaka Medical College. Who is currently a professor in the U.S. Department of Cardiology. Hafiz and his wife Selina Parveen, with the help of US Nevada Senator Cortez Mastor, has already helped send 2.5 million doses of the modern vaccine to Bangladesh. Is working to send another 3 million doses of vaccine.
Professor Hafiz Ahsan said, “We, the expatriate Bangladeshis, feel proud to be able to play a role in sending a vaccine to the Prime Minister at the turn of the country.” At the same time, we are determined to involve ourselves in any good work of the country.