5 Bangladeshi-Americans win Democratic primary election in New York

BanglaPress Desk
July 1, 2022

Noman Ibne Sabit: Democratic primary election in the state of New York, 5 Bangladeshi-Americans have won in the Assembly District 24 seat. They were elected on behalf of their respective parties in the primary elections on Tuesday (June 28) local time.

The Bangladeshis who won the Democratic primary in the Assembly District 24 seat are: Bangladeshi American Jamila Uddin, Mahtab Khan, Nusrat Alam, Mohammad Sabul Uddin and Jami Kazi. Another Bangladeshi American candidate Majeda Uddin has done well but her fate is hanging in the balance. In other words, he got equal votes of the rival candidate. Who will win this position depends on the absentee ballot count.
Voter turnout was relatively low on election day. As a result, multiple polling stations were silent.
Voting continued on this day from 6am to 9 pm. It is learned that many Bangladeshi-Americans did not go to the polls even though the candidates from the Bangladeshi community provided vehicles for the voters to travel.

Bangladeshi Jamila Uddin is on the way to win the post of state committee leader from Assembly District 24 with 2331 votes. Her nearest rival Samia Bhatt got 1503 votes. Bangladeshi-American Jami Kazi (1733 votes), Mohammad Sabul Uddin (1678), Mahtab Khan (1618 votes) and Nusrat Alam (1503 votes) are on the verge of victory contesting as Judicial Democrat candidates from District 24. It may be mentioned here that Jamila Uddin is the daughter of Asal President Maf Misbah and District Leader candidate Majeda Uddin.
District Leader (Women) candidate Majeda Uddin got 590 votes from Assembly District 24B. Her rival Ravneet Kaur got an equal number of 590 votes. 99 percent of the votes have been counted for this post.
Continuous voting was held on Tuesday, June 28 from 6 am to 9 pm. Democrat voters have the opportunity to vote in 15 positions, including governor, lieutenant governor, assembly member, district leader, and judicial delegate. On the other hand, only Republican voters have the opportunity to vote for governors, assembly members from District 63, and 71 county committees.
Incumbent Gov. Kathy Hokul has won the Democrat governorship by a wide margin. Antonio Delgado has been elected lieutenant governor.
In this election in New York State, as Assembly District 24 is a Bangladeshi inhabited area, more than one Bangladeshi contested for different seats in this constituency. There are about 8,000 Bangladeshi-American voters here. If half of their voters went to the polls, the chances of Bangladeshi candidates winning were high. But Bangladeshis are reluctant to go to the polls. As a result, they could not produce good results despite the possibility of victory.
Bangladeshi-American Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury was the candidate for the post of Assemblyman from District 24. His rivals are current Assemblymen David Wepprin and Albert Baldeo. David Wepprin won the election with a total of 98.37 percent of the vote and 66.84 percent of the vote. That means he got 3233 votes. Bangladeshi-American Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury got 817 votes. Albert Balde, who is in the third position, also got 764 votes.
Bangladeshi American Shah Newaz, a well-known face of the Bangladeshi community, is contesting for the post of District Leader (Male) from Assembly District 24A. His rival, current District Leader and Assemblyman David Wepprin, won with 2,590 votes. Shah Newaz got 806 votes. The result of 96.88 percent of the total votes for this post has been published.

Mahtab Khan, Ahnaf Alam, Nusrat Alam, Mohammad Sabul Uddin, Jamie Kazi, Mohammad M Rahman, Anjam Siddiqui, Rebi Hossain, Durud Mia (Ronel), Saifur R. Khan (Harun), Mohammad Akhtar (Babul) and Rashedul Alam. There have been 21 candidates for this post. 10 of them will be elected. But except for Jami Kazi, Mohammad Sabul Uddin, Mahtab Khan and Nusrat Alam, no other Bangladeshi won.

Kazi Khaled Emran, a Bangladeshi American, was the state committee leader candidate from District 29. In the election, he lost to his rival Aaron Ambrose. Emran got 1436 votes. Ambrose received 48 votes, which is 8.22 percent of the total 99 percent of the vote.