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4 Chaotic expelled from Fobana 5 years in USA

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Noman Ibne Sabit: Finally, 4 chaotic members of the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (Fobana) Committee have been expelled for 5 years. At an important meeting of the Fobana Central Committee on Thursday (June 30), four members of the Fobana Central Committee were expelled for five years by a majority vote in accordance with the constitution for their alleged involvement in anti-Fobana activities. This information has been given in a press release signed by Fobana Chairman Rehan Reza and Executive Secretary Masud Rob Chowdhury.

Those expelled from the Fobana Committee are: Former Chairperson’s are: Atiqur Rahman, Bedarul Islam Babla, Zakaria Chowdhury and Former Joint Secretary Dr. Rafiq Khan. Five other members have also been given notice within the next 48 hours to show cause for their involvement in anti-Fobana activities, misconduct and to tarnish Fobana’s reputation. Those who have been given notice to show cause are Abul Ibrahim, Kabir Kiran, SM Latifur Reza Tushar, Zahid Hasan Pintu and Syed Hossain Babu. It was decided that these four members would also be expelled from Fobana for 5 years if they did not get a good reply within the stipulated time.

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The statement said that these former anti-Fobana leaders have been spreading confusion among the expatriate Bengalis for the past few weeks by spreading various slanders in the name of forming a fake convening committee to thwart the 36th Fobana Conference to be held in Chicago on September 2-4.
It is to be noted that a conspiracy to divide Fobana started a year ago under the leadership of former chairperson of Fobana Zakaria Chowdhury, in which former leader of Fobana Bedarul Islam Babla was also involved. In addition, as per the pre-plan to postpone the meeting of the Central Committee of Fobana recently, these leaders were turned off their microphones for justifiable reasons due to their unacceptable behavior towards the leaders of the Central Committee. Not only that, these leaders became desperate to reinstate GI Russell and Shibbir Ahmed, who had recently been expelled from Fobana, and therefore engaged in these divisions and conspiracies and unconstitutionally dissolved the Central Committee and formed a self-proclaimed convening committee.

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The statement added that the anti-Fobana faction had canceled the upcoming Fobana conference in Chicago and announced to hold the Fobana conference in California through social media. And manifestations of weakness. The upcoming 36th Fobana Conference is scheduled to take place in Chicago, Illinois on the scheduled date (September 2-4, Labor Day Weekend) and preparations for the Fobana Conference are in full swing.
According to the statement, the latest information shows that Dr. Rafiq Khan has unethically, illegally visited the Fobana registration website and changed the names of the key executive members of Fobana’s current executive council to fake leaders, which is a heinous and shameful act. Rafiq Khan could face up to six months in jail and a fine, according to the law, which is a crime or cyber crime, and the District of Columbia’s Secretary of State has issued a “show cause notice” to that effect. Preparations are also underway to take appropriate legal action against them.

All the baseless news that these anti-Fobana mahals have spread and are spreading on social media is completely false and untrue. The Central Committee of Fobana is still in force in accordance with the Constitution of Fobana and the present Central Committee of Fobana will continue to play a steadfast role in continuing all the activities of Fobana.

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The 36th Fobana Conference is set to take place on September 2-4 in Chicago, Illinois. The host association is Bangladesh Associations of Chicagoland. The Fobana authorities urged the media not to be misled by the false information and news of the anti-Fobana conspiracy in the media.
All are requested to contact Fobana Central Committee Chairperson Rehan Reza and Executive Secretary Masud Chowdhury for any information or details or for any evidence or additional information contained in the notification.


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