Discussion meeting in New York
Not only for entertainment, Fobana also works for humanity’s

BanglaPress Desk
July 31, 2022

Noman Ibne Sabit: Fobana Conference in USA is not only dance entertainment but also works for humanity. Fobana leaders have helped the helpless people individually during the corona epidemic. Apart from helping the flood-affected people in the country, Fobana has also arranged to provide educational scholarships to students who grew up abroad. Therefore, the 36th Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA) conference to be held next September will be a ‘festival of new horizons’, said Rehan Reza, the current chairman of Fobana. He said these things in a meeting (meet and greet) with journalists held in the auditorium of a restaurant in Jackson Heights, a Bangladeshi area, on Saturday (July 30) afternoon local time in New York.
The 36th Fobana conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois on September 2-4.
While discussing various issues in the exchange meeting, Fobana leaders said that there may be leadership conflict between us but if Fobana logo or anyone else organizes this conference under the same name, it will be a punishable offence. Legal notices have been sent to take legal action against such troublemakers. Their misdeeds will stop soon. Fobana Chairman Rehan Reza called upon the journalists to verify the correct information about the 36th Fobana conference and present the correct news.

He also said that the main objective of Fobana is to familiarize the next generation who are living abroad with our native art culture. We are moving forward with that goal. For this, the cooperation of journalists including expatriates is needed. He called upon everyone to come forward to strengthen Fobana.
Convener of the host organization Maqbul M Ali, Member Secretary Syed Ahsan, Jasim Uddin, Hasmat Mobin, Mahbub Bhuiya and Kazi Chowdhury spoke in the exchange meeting held conducted by Abir Alamgir and chaired by Fobana Chairman Rehan Reza.
Dilu Mawla, Nahidul Khan Sohail, Attorney Mohammad Alamgir, Duke Khan and Shubhra Debnath were among the Fobana leaders sitting on the dais. Also, various media workers from New York including Ghulam Faruq, Nurul Amin, Karim Salauddin, Abu Rumi and Nahida Ali of Fobana’s executive committee were present at the time.

Discussion meeting (meet and greet) was held in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, July 23. Many important leaders of various organizations of Los Angeles, journalists and politicians were present at the event. Present Chairman Rehan Reza, Former Chairman and Convener of Fobana and current Outstanding Member Dr. Zainal Abedin.

The organizer of the program was the current Executive Secretary of Fobana, Masud Rob Chowdhury. Actress Sazia Haque Mimi was the presenter of the show.

The 36th FOBANA conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois on September 2-4. ‘Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland’ is working as the host organization. Fobana leaders called not to be confused by fake Phobana information and news of an anti-Fobana gang.