Expats meeting fair: 3-day ‘Fobana Convention’ begins today in Chicago

BanglaPress Desk
September 2, 2022

Staff Reporter: The Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA)convention, known as the gathering of Bangladeshi expats in North America, is starting from Friday (September 2). This year, the 36th FOBANA conference is going to be held in the heart of Chicago. The host organization ‘Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland’ has invited all US expatriates to join the festivities of the September 2-4 convention.

This convention is the largest gathering of Bengalis in North America and showcasing the culture and traditions of Bangladesh involving the young generation. The organizers are looking forward to bringing everyone together to join in the fun, giving everyone a unique convention.

According to the organizers, the host organization of the conference “Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland” is going ahead with their preparations. All the arrangements and preparations have been completed as per the plan. Waiting only to share in the success of a great conference with the participation of expatriates. Fobana officials said that more than 60 Bangladeshi-American organizations in North America have registered to participate in this conference. In addition to other events, this year’s convention includes interesting cultural programs, excellent performances with the participation of the new generation, ‘Business Network Lunch’ with the participation of Bengali businessmen and entrepreneurs spread across the world including North America, seminars: women’s empowerment, youth leadership formation, discussions on immigration laws, Bangladesh’s popular Performances by artists, performances by popular local artists, popular film performances, awarding of awards to various individuals and organizations who have contributed to the expats of Bengali society.
The organizers also said that for the first time in the history of Fobana, another great effort is going to be added and that is, Fobana has signed a scholarship MOU with Dhaka’s Jagannath University to provide scholarships to the students of that university. The Vice-Chancellor of the University is coming to our conference as a special guest.