37th ‘Fobana Convention’ will held in Dallas, Texas

BanglaPress Desk
September 8, 2022

Chhabed Sathee, back from Chicago: The 37th and 38th FOBANA convention will be held next year in Dallas, Texas in 2023 and in Washington DC in 2024. Bangladesh Association of North Texas (Texas) was selected as the host committee for the 37th Fobana convention in 2023 at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Fobana last year. The 37th Fobana Convention will be held in Dallas, Texas. This time the host committee of the 38th Fobana convention of 2024 was elected. The 38th Fobana convention will be held in Washington DC. Bangladesh Association of Greater Washington DC (BAGDC) has been given responsibility as the organizer of this convention. The decision was made by election at Fobana’s 2022 Annual General Meeting held last Sunday morning (September 4) in the conference room of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Skokie. Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT) president Hasmat Mobin has been given the responsibility of convenor by the host committee to make the 37th Fobana convention to be held in Dallas 2023 a success. He extended an advance invitation to all expatriates coming to the 36th Fobana convention in Chicago. At the same time, Roksana Parveen, the convener in charge of the host committee of the upcoming 38th Fobana conference in 2024, was also introduced. She also invited everyone to come to Washington DC in 2024.