Painting exhibition of 34 Bangladeshi artists started in New York

BanglaPress Desk
October 13, 2022

Minara Helen: Exhibition of paintings of 34 Bangladeshi artists has started in New York. In the light of the personal memoirs of the artists, the ‘Bangladeshi-American Artist Forum’ has included the lifetime artworks of 34 artists in this exhibition. The exhibition opened on October 7 at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in New York City and will continue until October 22. The slogan of this 14-day exhibition is ‘Stay with art’.

On October 8, Emeritus Professor of the University of New Orleans Mustafa Sarwar officially opened the exhibition as the chief guest with the participation of expatriates representing various classes and professions.
He said, I have seen many things in the depth of social culture. I am also familiar with liberal arts and fine arts. But in the arrangement of these artists today
I am in awe and respect everyone. Here is a wonderful display of discretion. The phenomenon of universalism has become visible. These images can become a unique source of excellence for humanity around the world. Bengali artists are thus holding the status of world class artists. I am proud of that.
Later Mustafa Sarwar officially inaugurated the exhibition by lighting candles with all the dignitaries. Earlier in the welcome speech, Forum official Alma Lea said, this is not just a memoir, but a chronicle of the life of all the artists, which has become a wonderful canvas. The exhibition space is engulfed in a musical trance.

Dean of City University Dr. Mohsin Patwari and mainstream diaspora pioneer Morshed Alam also presented the importance of such arrangements. The exhibition includes paintings by 34 artists.
The artists are Arthur Azad, Alma Lea, Ajmeer Hossain, Bashirul Haque, Biswajit Chowdhury, Dina Zaman, Farhana Yasmeen, Keyo Chi Mong, Kaiser Kamal, Kaniz Husna Akbari, Kawsar Ferdowsi, Kazi Rakib, Laila Anjuman Ara, Mutlub Ali, Mohammad Tukon, Masudul Alam, Masuda Kazi,
Mohammad Hasan Rookon, Mustafa T Arshad, Nurul Haque Mintu, Naz Hossain Poli, Jahangir Rudra, Saeed A Rahman, Sajeda Sultana, Mohammad Saidul Hasan, Shamim Subarna, Salma Kaniz, Shamima A Rahman, Sujit Kumar Saha, Tajul Imam, Tariq Zulfikar, Tasnova Rahman, Waheed Azad, Zebunnesa Kamal and Iqbal Hossain.