Journalist Abul Kashem’s book ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’ unveiled in New York

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December 27, 2022

Chhabed Sathee: The unveiling of the ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’ book was held in New York in a grand ceremony. The event was held in the party hall of a restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York last Saturday (December 24) evening local time. Expatriate poets, writers, journalists, heroic freedom fighters, politicians and businessmen were present at the unveiling ceremony of the book edited by journalist Abul Kashem ignoring the sub-freezing temperature. The distinguished persons present discussed at length about the published book ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’. The book was published at the Amar Ekushe Book Fair in Dhaka this year. The book is published by Behula Bangla and distributed by The event was jointly organized by Sadek Ali Foundation and Sherpur Zilla Samity of New York.

In the discussion meeting held under presided by Mamun Rashed, President of Sherpur Zilla Samity in New York, and the amazing presented of Ashraful Hasan Bulbul. Journalist Abul Kashem, the author of the book ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’ gave welcome speech in the event. Kawshik Ahmed, editor of weekly Bangalee, veteran journalist Mohammad Ullah, writer and journalist Moinuddin Nasser, . Poet, writer and publisher ABM Saleh Uddin and poet and writer Fakir Elias, editor of weekly Prabas Mohammad Sayed, mainstream politician Morshed Alam, former secretary of cabinet AKM Badrul Majid, Dr. Sudipta Deb, heroic freedom fighter Abdul Mukit Chowdhury, writer and politician Shamsuddin Azad, engineer and businessman Mahfuzul Haque, JBBA secretary Mahbubur Rahman Tuku, acting president of Bangladesh Society Mohiuddin Dewan, expatriate lawyer N Majumder, Ayesha Begum Shaila Sharmin Shatabdi is the elder daughter of journalist Abul Kashem spoked in the event. Maulana Shahidullah recited the Quran at the beginning of the program.

Journalist Abul Kashem said in his welcome speech at the discussion meeting that in early 2020, when the world was under the grip of Covid-19, the people of New York were unemployed and spending the day at home. The major cities of the world were at a standstill. In New York, sirens blaring day and night, only patient emergency vehicles rush by. Just when spending time under house arrest was becoming very difficult, journalist Abul Kashem became collected biohraphy of politician, martyred intellectual, social worker, martyr Bir Shrestha, poet, epic poet, writer, researcher, scientist, journalist, lyricist, composer, playwright, zamidar, Nawab, freedom fighter and educator. Also he collected biographies of historians, revolutionaries, heroes, filmmakers, painters and sculptors. Then the idea of publishing an anthology of biographies of thinkers came to his mind.

He said that it was not possible to present the biographies of all the thinkers in this book. If the readers of the country and abroad accept this small effort of mine, then there are plans to bring out books containing the biographies of 52 and 21 mystics in the future, he said.
He said that the list of 101 sages was first prepared in this compilation but the book would have been thicker in that proportion. After considering everything, there is no decision to publish the biography of ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’. This is my first attempt. It is normal to have mistakes in books. He urged the readers to look at it with forgiveness if they get any such mistake.

Abul Kashem received his master’s degree in Islamic history and culture from Dhaka University. He dabbled in writing while a resident student at (Sir) AF Rahman Hall. After completing his studies, he first moved to the United States in 1996, working as a first-class officer in the Bangladesh National Museum and then in the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation. Known as a community journalist in New York. Involved in journalism profession for more than one and a half decades.

Discussant of the program, the editor of Weeklee Bangalee Kawshik Ahmed, in his speech mentioned various aspects of the book ‘Bangokhyato 71 Manishee’, He said that the biographies of many poets, writers and saints of Bengali literature were not published in this book. Maybe the author will highlight it in his new collection in the future.
Writer and journalist Moinuddin Naser mentioned about two brave freedom fighter poets and said that their biographies were important to come in this collection, but since the author has published the collection with the biographies of his own favorite thinkers, we have nothing to say there. He has already mentioned that he will do some more compilations in the future.

Poet and writer Fakir Elias discussed the pros and cons of the book published in his speech and read out the names of Bangokhyato 71 Manishee published in the book.

Poet, writer and publisher ABM Saleh Uddin said there are various problems in publishing an anthology or a book. It is a difficult thing to do, especially abroad. It is normal to have mistakes in books, our main goal is to encourage the author’s mind by discussing these issues. Therefore, in today’s discussion meeting, the positive discussion of the book and the author will give him more encouragement than the negative.

Heroic freedom fighter Rezaul Bari, Heroic freedom fighter Md. Nazim Uddin, Heroic freedom fighter Abdur Razzak, Weekly Janmabhoomi editor Ratan Talukdar, Weekly Bangla Patrika editor and CEO of Time TV Abu Taher, Community activist Minhaj Ahmed Shammu, IBTV journalist Hasan Mahmud, Channel I journalist Rashed Ahmed, Writer and Columnist Shitangshu Guha, TBN Journalist Shamim Ahmed, Journalist Shakhawat Salim, New York Kagoj editor Afroza Islam, Nari Patrika Editor Poppy Chowdhury, Somoy TV Journalist Hasanuzzaman Saki, New York Kagoj Associate editor Manowarul Islam, NTV Journalist Pulak Mahmud, Desh Patrika Editor Mizanur Rahman, Editor of BD York Shah Faruk, Poet Farhana Elias Tuli, Advocate Mojibur Rahman, Lion Hasan Jilani, Journalist Akbar Haider Kiran, Photojournalist Nihar Siddiqee, Director of Nongar TV Zaheed Sharif, Journalist Anisur Rahman, Journalist Manjurul Haque, Journalist Tapan Chowdhury, Journalist Moshiur Rahman Majumdar, housing businessman Kamruzzaman Bachchu, expatriate entertainment company Show Time Music leader Alamgir Khan Alam, Al Amin Masjid President Md. Zainul Abedin, cultural worker Gopal Sanyal, Md. Faruq Mia, Russel Ahmed, Rana Raihan, Ferdousi Begum, Shanto Dutta, Sharmin Sultana Lucky, Farhad Hossain Milan, Nahid Raihan Likhan, Fahad Fahmi, Sarwar Alam,Singer Kousholy Ema, Shahreen. Sultana, Amira Farah Shimin and Sabera Zaman Kochi were present on the occasion.

In the second part of the program, popular expatriate singers Kousholy Ema and Shahreen Sultana performed music in the cultural program. Swapan Dutta, a popular tabla player from abroad, accompanied the artists on tabla.