Expat dancer Nermin’s dead body found in home at New York

BanglaPress Desk
March 11, 2023

Noman Sabit: Expat Dancer Shahnaz Rahman ( Narmin)’s dead body was found in her home in New York, USA. Local time on Thursday (March 9) evening, the well-known New York dancer Narmin (34)’s brother found the dead body in her house and informed the neighbors.Meanwhile, her mother, singer and cultural activist Dr. Nargis Rahman was staying in Bangladesh. A few days ago, Dr. Nargis went to Bangladesh. During her stay in Bangladesh, She received the news of the death of her only daughter. The exact cause of Narmin’s death is yet to be known. Jamaica police recovered her body and sent it for autopsy. Sources close to Dr. Nargis said.
Dr. Nargis Rahman has been serving as the Cultural Secretary of Dinajpur Zilla Samity of New York for a long time. Many people in the Samity were contacted but no one could tell the exact reason for Narmin’s sudden death. However, her family sources said that Narmin was physically ill for a few months. Before this, she was treated a lot when she was infected with corona last year 2022. Although she was a little healthy, she later developed jaundice. Narmin herself used to work as a hospital nurse. She could not go to work regularly after his illness. Many believe that he died due to cardiac arrest during sleep. However, nothing can be said properly until the post-mortem report comes.
Narmin’s country house is in Dinajpur. She has two other brothers. One is working in California. Her mother lived in Jamaica, New York with another brother and Narmin. Her mother and father are currently staying in Bangladesh. When the news of Narmin’s death spread through social media, a shadow of grief fell among the Bangladeshis living in New York.
Narmin’s body is currently kept at the funeral home. It is said that the funeral will be decided when her parents return to the United States next Tuesday (March 14).
Several attempts were made in this regard to contact Dr. Nargis Rahman by phone while staying in Bangladesh but she could not be reached.