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Inauguration of New York book fair with flag-like ribbon cutting, expats angry

by BanglaPress Desk

Noman Sabit: A four-day book fair has been inaugurated in New York, USA. Bangladeshis living in New York expressed their anger at the opening of the book fair by cutting a ribbon made in the ‘model of the national flag of Bangladesh’ on Friday (July 14) afternoon local time. Conscious expatriates mentioned that this incident is an insult to the national flag.
On Friday afternoon, the 32nd fair was jointly inaugurated at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in New York, organized by Muktdhara Foundation. Setara Rahman (Bir Pratik) is also a fiction writer Shahaduzzaman. In the presence of various writers, literary and so-called intellectuals of the country and diaspora, they officially inaugurated the book fair by cutting the ribbon made on the pattern of the national flag of Bangladesh. At that time, all the fair committee were present there and Muktdhara Foundation Secretary Biswajit Saha gave a welcome speech. Knowing that the national flag is being grossly insulted, none of those present protested. When the photos and videos of the opening of the fair spread on social media, there was a huge reaction among the expatriates.
It was proposed to name the inaugural event the International Book Fair. Everyone present supported this proposal to facilitate the import of Adam from different countries in the future with a lot of applause.
The announcement of naming the international book fair was made by the organizer of the book fair, former economist of the World Bank. Muktdhara Foundation president Ekushey medalist writer Bir Muktijoddha Dr Nuran Nabi from expressed solidarity with Abdun Noor announced next year the 33rd book fair will be named ‘New York Bangla International Book Fair’.

Regarding the opening of the book fair by cutting the ribbon made in the ‘model of the national flag of Bangladesh’, an expatriate heroic freedom fighter said on condition of anonymity, “I was surprised to see this kind of incident at the opening of the book fair.” All present are poets, writers, writers, journalists, publishers and freedom fighters. Cutting or burning anything in the shape of the national flag is a gross insult to the national flag. It did not occur to anyone present at the opening ceremony. And I can’t even imagine the organizers or how they make it. If they have really committed this incident, then I demand the attention of the Prime Minister and demand justice for those who insulted the national flag and those involved in this incident. He also condemned the incident.
This representative has spoken to several journalists about this matter. They said in the wake of this incident, this gang, organized in the name of book fair, needs to stop Adam business from Bangladesh and Kolkata. For the last 31 years, the same people have been involved in book fairs and doing various types of illegal trade. After the imposition of US visa policy on Bangladesh, especially this time more Adam has been imported from Kolkata. Not only that, the Muktdhara Foundation and related parties give priority to publishing traditional authors over Muslim authors in every book fair.
After the inauguration of the book fair on Friday, 32 eminent poets-literary-writers-publishers were dressed in robes and they lit 32 lamps before the main stage of the 32-year fair. Among those who lighted the lamp were-Vir Muktijoddha Captain (Retd.) Dr. Sitara Rahman, Consul General Dr. Monirul Islam, promoter of ‘Muktdhara-GFB Literary Award’, one of the patrons of Bengali literature and culture and industrialist Golam Farooq Bhuiyan, heroic freedom fighter Dr. Abidur Rahman, valiant freedom fighter Tajul Imam, valiant freedom fighter Mejbahuddin Ahmed, journalist Rokeya Haider, actress Rekha Ahmed, writer-journalist Hasan Ferdous, writer Ferdous Sajedeen, Jasim Mallick, Prakash Monirul Haque, Redyanur Rahman Jewel of Nalanda Prakashani, leader of the storyteller. Iftekhar Ivan, Jasim Uddin of Katha Prakash, master rhymer Humayun Kabir Dhali of Anboy Prakash, secretary of Muktdhara Foundation Biswajit Saha etc.

The chief guest of the book fair, Bangladesh’s only surviving female freedom fighter Captain (retd.) Dr. Sitara Rahman said, ‘I am so happy, happy and proud to come here. It seems that getting my Heroic title may have been self-serving. Because there are so many Bengalis here – Bangladesh, Kolkata, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, all of them have one identity, that is Bengali. Sitara Rahman was suffering from various diseases of old age and gave a speech sitting on the chair.

Consul General of Bangladesh in New York said in the opening speech of the fair. Monirul Islam said, ‘The term book fair seems to me to be a gateway, it opens the world of books in front of you. Whenever one enters the world of books one enters the world of imagination and creativity. Through which he discovers himself and creates a new field of discovery of his possibilities. And such an opportunity has been created by Muktdhara Foundation in this multinational society far away from Bangladesh.
Dr. Monirul Islam said, ‘I think this book fair has created an excellent environment to present the fruits of Bengali culture to the new generation by keeping the identity of the writers-poets-literateurs of Bangladesh who are permanently living in this diaspora intact. At the same time, I also think that a part of those who were not associated with writing while living in Bangladesh, have been inspired to write in this diaspora and feel encouraged from this fair of the last 32 years. Many are writing or taking initiative to express the love, passion, feeling towards the beloved motherland. So this book fair is not only for reading books but also playing an unforgettable role in creating new writers.
Presented by journalist Shamim Al Amin and Urbi Hai, Bangla Academy award winning rhymer Lutfar Rahman Riton, recitalist Ahkam Ullah, Press Minister of Bangladesh Embassy in Washington A ZM Sajjad Hossain, president of Kolkata Book Fair Sudhansh Shekhar Dey, general secretary Tridiv Kumar also spoke in the inaugural session Chatterjee and others.
Meanwhile, a press conference was organized in Jackson Heights on Thursday evening on the occasion of organizing the fair. It shows the details of the fair. In this fair, the last day of the fair is Monday, a special day for the new generation.
Convener of the fair, moderated by writer Hasan Ferdous. Dr. Abdur Noor among others spoke. Nururannabi, journalist Rokeya Haider, Nini Wahid, Lutfur Rahman Riton, music artist Pawan Das, Monirul Haque, head of Dhaka’s Ananya Prakashani, writer Fahim Reza Noor, new generation Semanti Waheed spoke at the press conference.
It is to be noted that more than 100 authors-literary-poets-essayists have joined this year’s book fair in addition to 25 publishing houses of the country and abroad, according to the officials of the fair. The number of new books in the fair is two thousand. Renowned artists from Bangladesh, Kolkata and the United States participated in various stages of the fair. There is a ‘Child-Teenage Youth Festival’ with the participation of the new generation.


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