Unique rickshaw exhibition of American journalists in New York

BanglaPress Desk
December 9, 2020

Staff Reporter: Andy Isaacson, a professional American journalist and photographer who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, USA, has organized a unique exhibition of traditional Bangladeshi rickshaws. The exhibition is being held at the Waterfront Artists Gallery in Brooklyn on Sunday, local time.
Consul General Sadia Faizunnesa took part in the colorful rickshaw exhibition. Consul General Sadia Faizunnesa interacted with the visitors and briefed them about the rickshaw and its artists.
Bangladesh Consul General in New York Sadia Faizunnesa admired the exhibition on Sunday and spoke to the visitors at the exhibition and briefed them about the rickshaw and the artists behind it.

The consul general said the rickshaw artwork is an inherent expression of the artistic consciousness of the common people of Bangladesh. She also hopes that through such an exhibition, mainstream American visitors will be able to gain a positive idea of Bangladesh’s heritage and culture.
She also thanked artist Isaacson for bridging the gap between the diverse, indigenous and genuine industries of Bangladesh with the mainstream of the United States.
Artist Andy said he named the traditional rickshaw in Bangladesh ‘Authentic Cycle Rickshaw’. He also added it’s not just a vehicle, it also present Bangladeshi people’s dream, joy, sadness and imagination through its artwork. The exhibition will also be opened on December 12 and 13.