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Three lakh Bangladeshis in US deprived of joy of victory day

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: Due to the epidemic more then three lakh of expatriate Bangladeshis living in about 35 states of the United States have been deprived of the joy of Victory Day for the first time. Due to the spread of the deadly corona virus in 50 states of the United States, more than two hundred social, cultural and political organizations of the expatriates have not taken any victory day program as before. In the early days of the corona virus, mass rallies were banned in 50 states to protect themselves and others.
The deadly corona virus has taken away the joy of celebrating the Victory Day of the expatriates in the United States. Like everything else, the epidemic corona virus has stopped people’s happiness. No one is talking about Bangaliana and the colorful cultural practices of Bengalis now for fear of infection.
People just started to get out after the first round of corona virus panic subsided. But with the push of the second wave, everything remained the same again. More than four lakh expatriate Bangladeshis across the United States are trapped in their homes. No one is leaving the house now except in an emergency. Various cities in the United States, including New York, have once again become ghost towns. Various types of businesses including office courts are closed. So the expatriates are spending their days sitting at home with their wives and children. Only a limited number of people who work in various departments are going to work.

Expatriate Bangladeshi organizers from New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Connecticut and Washington D.C. But as a result of corona virus, they are not making any arrangements this time. However, the organizers have mentioned that you can do small virtual events.
Every year in the state of New York alone, the expatriates celebrate Victory Day on about half a hundred stages. The organizers were compelled not to organize any such event. However, a number of organizations have organized virtual events.


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