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50 Bangladeshi Christians affected by Corona in Connecticut

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Staff Reporter: More than 50 expatriate Bangladeshis of Christian community have been attacked by Corona virus while attending a party in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. More than 50 men and women from about 30 Christian communities family have contracted corona in December after attending Christmas and a yellow ceremony. Many of them are in quarantine after initial treatment, a source in the local Christian community said.
According to the source, about a hundred Bangladeshi Christian families live in Manchester. Many family members took part in Christmas and yellow ceremony on December 25 and later at the house of a man named Ripon. Since then, corona infections have spread rapidly in about half a hundred men and women. The day after Christmas, on December 26, Elvis’ wife went to JFK Airport in New York to go to Bangladesh. According to the rules of the airport, the corona was tested and the authorities identified his infection there. Sent him back home from the airport with advice for corona testing. The next day he went to a local shopping mall without checking the corona. She met many people there and hugged them after talking. People who hugged him were also reported to have contracted corona. A Bangladeshi Christian living in Manchester, Connecticut, said he had contracted corona while attending a Christmas party. He said that almost every Christian expatriate living in this city has been affected by Corona in one or two Bangladeshi families. He noted that even a small child had a corona infection.


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