Threats to Bangladeshi councilor candidate in New York

BanglaPress Desk
January 28, 2021
Moumita Ahmed, Bangladeshi-American counsilor candidate of  District 24 of Queens City,NY 

Staff Reporter: Bangladeshi-American councilor candidate Moumita Ahmed has complained that she has been threatened in various ways to withdraw from the election in District 24 of Queens City. Apart from Moumita, 3 more Bangladeshi- Americans and 4 American councilors are contesting in the elections to be held on February 2.
Moumita alleges that she was personally attacked and emailed by a former chief of staff led by Genero, a billionaire real estate developer council member on Wall Street.
Trump’s billionaire Stephen Ross, Jack Kier, Isaac Ash, Jeff Lab and James Genero have been nominated for the presidency. Moumita is ahead in the pre-election polls.
Besides, there has been a huge response in his favor in other communities including Bangladeshis. Basically, the influential quarters have become jealous of this and have taken to the field naked in opposition. Moumita is campaigning for low-cost housing, education, health care and the struggle of immigrant families. Moumita, who grew up in the United States, came to the United States from Bangladesh at the age of eight. Other Bangladeshi candidates in the election are Attorney Soma Saeed, Dr. Dilip Nath and Mujibur Rahman.