Four Bangladeshis defeated in New York City Council election

BanglaPress Desk
February 3, 2021

Staff Reporter: Four Bangladeshis have been defeated in New York City District-24 Council elections in the United States. The Bangladeshi candidates who lost the election by a huge margin are Moumita Ahmed, Soma S. Saeed, Dilip Nath and Mujib U Rahman. Among them 4 are Bangladeshis, 2 are Indians and 2 are Americans.
The day-long voting was held on Tuesday (February 2), local time. At the end of the vote count, James F. Genario, a councilor from City District-24, was declared the winner. He received 3,306 votes.
The total number of votes received is 5,533. Among them, James F. Ginario got 3,306 votes, Moumita Ahmed got 872 votes, Soma S Saeed got 475 votes, Deepti Sharma got 274 votes, Dilip Nath got 240 votes, Neeta Zain got 172 votes and Mujib U. Rahman got 123 votes and Michael Earl Brown got 74 votes.

There are allegations that expatriate Bangladeshis in various states of the United States are participating in city council and other elections in the hope of getting a hefty matching fund. They spend 20 per cent of the matching fund on electioneering and pocket the remaining 80 per cent. In fact, the conscious expatriates have said that no one participates in such elections for the welfare of the country and the expatriates.